Léonieke Ariaans

Léonieke Ariaans

Training Consultant | Trainer | maatwerk + Cambridge English exam training courses
Titel MA
Pitch I help professionals and students to communicate more effectively in English. The type of services I offer focus on acquiring specific, relevant, occupational, or academic skills in English. I also facilitate Cambridge Exam training courses (A1 - C2 of CEFR).

Native English
The training services I offer are of high-quality and result-driven, but also offer immersion in the target language and culture. This is particularly relevant when clients communicate with native speakers of English, and perhaps even more so when these native speakers do not speak another language besides English. Such native speakers might not be as culturally aware yet. Consequently, speaking their language in a relatively similar way - as these native speakers/monolinguals would - might be more effective in such situations.

English as a lingua franca
English is also widely used as a lingua franca in various contexts nowadays, which is quite different from native English. As more and more interactions take place between non-native speakers of English, it is important to become aware of how culture affects the manner in which language is used. For awareness-raising purposes, the services I offer always include 'learning strategies' to help avoid - or at least overcome- communicative breakdown as a result of cultural dissimilarities and negative transfer. Please note that I always predominantly focus on areas that require improvement, and distinguish between what can be done at a place of the client's choosing, and what should be done in sessions.

My background
On a more personal note, I've always been fascinated by the language. Perhaps having been exposed to the language from a very young age - as a result of having relatives abroad - might have spiked an interest in this regard. Furthermore, most of my academic training has been in English and I've been immersed in North American and Canadian culture specifically for the past 20 years or so; that is due to having (close) personal relationships with quite a few native speakers of English.

During the past five years, I've increasingly had more international, professional experiences. One of such professional experiences involved obtaining my Cambridge ESOL CELTA certificate in downtown Vancouver (2014), and during that time I co-trained two groups of non-native speakers. All of these experiences have helped me gain insight into the importance of being culturally aware and they've shown the positive impact of having the ability to demonstrate accurate, clear, and appropriate language use in professional interactions.

Learn more about my experience, approach to language training, what clients say and my services on my company website, which can be reached through url: www. lsalingua.nl.
Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Organisatie LSA LINGUA
Functie Training Consultant | Trainer | maatwerk + Cambridge English exam training courses
Werkervaring Cambridge ESOL Instructor
Twente University LC - aug 2019 - heden

ESP Trainer | Cambridge ESOL Instructor
Into' Languages - feb. 2016 - heden
(Radboud University Nijmegen | Wageningen University)

Language & Training Consultant | Founder
LSA LINGUA - okt. 2015 - heden

Academic English & Professional Skills Instructor
Tilburg University - juli 2017 - aug. 2019

Business English & Professional Skills Instructor | Course Co-ordinator
Hogeschool AVANS Deeltijd - aug. 2016 - aug. 2018

Language and Communication Instructor (ESP and Dutch courses)
Hogeschool Saxion - jan. 2016 – aug. 2017

English skills and Cambridge English (EGP) Instructor
HAN Talencentrum - jan. 2015 – Jan. 2016
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